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Below is a diagram of how the team is organized.  Click on a team subject to scroll down to that subject and more information.

Build Team Drive Team CAD Team Manipulator Team Programming LabVIEW Team Marketing Team Arduino Team Flocking Presentation Team Community Work

Group Tasks

 Build Team:


  • Drive team is most involved with the robot, including driving, knowing all the rules, and building.


  • Models the robot in AutoCAD software before it is built.
  • Also part of the Design team to design what the robot will look like and what it can and can’t do.


  • In charge of designing and building the mechanism that controls game pieces.

Programming Team:


  • LabVIEW is the primary programming software that programs all the robots functions and communication.


  • Arduino is the program that is used to put all lighting on the robot, mainly used for signaling what mode the robot might be in.

Marketing Team:


  • Flocking is a fundraising activity where a “flock” of plastic flamingos are placed in someone’s yard to “roost” for 48 hours. For a donation of $10, they can be removed in 24 hours, or for a donation of $20, they can be sent to a person of your choice.


  • Part of the marketing team can go out to potential sponsors and present our team’s benefits and robots, community outreach, and ideas and outreach projected for the year.

 Community Work

  • Community work involves things such as waiting tables at restaurants or bagging groceries to raise money for our team and support the community.