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All The Traction With Manuverabilty

The amazing drivetrain concept

Posi-Canum takes the advantages of mecanum and tank drive and puts them into one sleek drivetrain. With the combination of Locking Mecanum Wheels (patented) and a drop down third wheel, traction is no longer a concern.

No Drivetrain Limits

Giving you the best of both worlds, this drivetrain has no limitations to what you can do.

The Locking Mecanum Wheel

The locking mecanum wheel gives your robot traction when you need it, and maneuverability when traction is not an issue.

The Most Versitile Drivetrain on the market.

With all of the drivetrain options, the style of driving can be endless.

Robot Centric (Mecanum), Field Centric (Mecanum), Robot Centric (With Traction Wheels), Peg Centric (Strafe to keep peg in center), Boiler Centric (Rotate to keep boiler in center), Both Centric (Rotate to Boiler, Strafe to Peg), Turn To angle, Drive to distance (forward or strafe), and Motion Magic

In this video of our autonomous, you can see 7 different drive styles being used. These are indicated by the colors of the LED lights.