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You’ve Been Flocked!

Flocking is a fundraiser we started in 2015. A flock of flamingos roosts on your lawn for a 48 hour time period, or 24 hours with a donation of $10. You may also “Flock a Friend,” sending these pink beauties into someone else’s yard of your choosing! They may be sent anywhere in the Delano/Loretto area to get revenge on your friends while supporting a good cause.

Follow the flock on Twitter @WheresTheOrange.


Since early this fall, Orange Crush Robotics has begun to flock once again.

Flocking is a fundraiser that OCR does every year. The money raised goes towards paying off the robot and any materials we require for that year’s game. Members of the team flock in the late evening. They find a house and set out roughly 20-30 plastic flamingos in the yard. A day or two later, they pick up the flock. People are also able to request where they would like the flamingoes to be sent. In that case, they write down the address they wish to send the flock to and place it in an envelope along with a donation, and the flock keeps moving on.