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Summer camps :
During the 2017 summer, Orange Crush put on camps to prepare students for the FLL and FTC teams that we will be starting in our school.The First camp was 5 days long, for 3rd-5th graders. There, they worked in groups of 2 making Lego Mindstorm robotics that could move wooden blocks to the opposite side of the table. We had a friendly competition of 2 vs 2 once the finished their robots. The kids wanted to have a little more fun, so Orange Crush decided to have a lego Battle Bots Competition. Whoever knocked the most pieces off of the other robots won. This camp introduced the planning of strategy for the FLL games and programming of the robots.

The second camp was 5 days long, for 6th-8th graders. They split up into groups of 3 and worked with the Vex bots. Their goal was to move ping pong balls and try to get them into a hammock-like area. They had a friendly competition of 1 vs 1. This camp introduced the strategy of the game, building with the Vex parts, wiring, and driving the robots.

Everyone in Orange Crush agrees that these camps were a wonderful idea and set these students on the right path for their teams. We had many people sign up after the camps and they told their friends to sign up too.

The Orange Crush Robotics team has always made it our goal to help and support other organizations in our community. One such organization is the Boy Scouts of America. Over the last couple years, OCR has assisted local Boy Scouts with their Eagle Projects and is currently in the process of setting up yearly robotics seminars for the Cub Scouts. In addition, some of our high schoolers are also working to become Merit Badge Counselors for the Robotics merit badge.

4 of July parade :
Over the past 5 years, Orange Crush has supported Delano’s parade. We have had a float and at least 1 robot in the parade each year. In 2017, we had students hand out flyers, and 2 robots giving candy to both sides of the road.

Hamburger stand :
For the last 2 years, Orange Crush has supported the American Legion’s hamburger stand at Delano’s fairgrounds. We volunteer for 8 hours throughout the week at the stand.

Highway cleanup :
FRC Team 3026 adopted a highway in March of 2017. Students and mentors will collect trash on this stretch of road periodically throughout the next two years. As we get our hands dirty, we’re giving back to our amazing community by keeping its roads spotless. The sign which bears our name also brings awareness to the community about our organization. If you drive down Highway 11, you will see that we are crushing it in the community.

STEM at Delano

It has been a goal of Orange Crush Robotics (OCR) to start FIRST Lego League (FLL) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams.  These are beginner level competitive robotics teams that prepare middle and junior high students for the rigor of FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC). Orange Crush Robotics is an award-winning Delano area elite team.  To get the interest started, OCR took two robots and seven members to Tiger Kids Club,  an after-school care program, on February 27th.  The first presentation was with the K-1st grade students, and the second demonstration was with the 2nd-6th grade students.  The members of the team introduced themselves, spoke about the robotics program at the high school, and demonstrated two different robots.  At the end of the presentation, the students were encouraged to ask questions and view the robots up close.  The teachers commented that they would be updating the TKC students on OCR’s upcoming competition results. Thank you TKC for this wonderful opportunity!