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LabVIEW FRC 2018 Beta Testing

Orange Crush is proud to be a FRC LabVIEW 2018 Beta tester. We will be keeping the FIRST community updated  on our progress through the software. Our current status will be listed below with any new features the community needs to know about.

A full class about our findings will be taught at Jumpstart in St.Cloud early December.

LabVIEW 2018 (Command and Control) 100%

All standard WPI Robotics VI’s have stayed the same, no new major changes in this category

When importing 2017 code, no errors with WPI Robotics Lib

Brand new CTRE Talon SRX library

New process of flashing roboRio to interface better with Talon SRX

FRC Driver Station 100%

Competition Tested at MRI Off-season event

More Diagnostics

  • Current computer IP
  • Current Robot IP
  • Firewall status

Remote Dashboard Option

  • using IP of dashboard
LabVIEW Dashboard 100%

Competition Tested at Minne Mini Off-season event

All function from 2017 work and imported clean

FRC 2018 Radio Configuration Utility 100%

Open Mesh Radio (2017) -Successful

Open Mesh Radio (2016) – Successful

CTRE Phenoix Talon SRX Lib 36%

Multiple New VI’s included in this brand new library

Most VI’s have changed in the data they output and options for input with new keywords

Read through the CTRE software manual to see new example (Coming soon)

Ctr-h all Talon SRX VI’s before using to see new changes from last year